From the beginning of time, the sumptuous apple has tantalized our spirit and tempted our soul. The Forbidden Fruit achieves perfection in the heart of Normandy, a historic region on the northwestern coast of France. For centuries, wars have been waged over this coveted land, home to the finest apples in the world.

The term Calvados designates not only the Norman province bearing its name but also the heavenly distilled spirit flowing from its rich soil. Since 1821, the cellar masters at the legendary Pere Magloire Calvados Distillery have been cultivating hundreds of varieties of trees bearing succulent apples from red to green and every spectrum in between.

Each year, the fruit is hand selected at different intervals of the growing season to produce a variety of flavors ranging from sour to sweet. Once harvested, the apples are cleaned in purified water, then crushed to extract their delicate juices.

Unlike most spirits, which are often distilled with additives, Calvados is made pure using a special double distillation process. The result is pure ecstacy, as the spirit is aged in French oak casks and then blended to create a bouquet of heavenly aromas.

For years, the French have enjoyed not only the exquisite flavor but also the unique digestive properties and effect on the palate making Calvados the ideal accompaniment before, during and after fine meals, chocolates and desserts.

Grand Pommier, French for great apple tree, represents an extra special reserve, the pinnacle of harvesting, aging, and blending excellence that has won Pere Magloire the distinction of being the world's finest Calvados distillery.

As a cocktail, Grand Pommier creates a magnificent Forbidden Martini™, and as an after dinner delight, enhance your favorite coffee or espresso the Parisian way by adding a shot of Grand Pommier.

For a match made in heaven, indulge your senses even further by savoring Grand Pommier XS with the Fuente Fuente Forbidden X cigar, the perfect gift for the man who has almost everything. Enter the world of pleasure at and discover how soon you will finally be able to have your Cigar and Calvados too.

To experience the ultimate Calvados fantasy, Grand Pommier cordially invites you to visit the Pere Magloire distillery in the Pays d'Auge region of Normandy where you may tour the Calvados museum and be treated to a personal tasting in the fireside lounge. A picturesque train ride from Paris will take you through the breathtaking French countryside to the ancient town of Lisieux, where the legendary distillery is just minutes away in the nearby village of Pont L'Eveque.

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Because a trip to paradise would not be complete without the joy of giving back to those less fortunate, a portion of the proceeds from the purchase of Cigar In The Bottle is donated to the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation.

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This product is dedicated to the American soldiers who risked their lives on the shores of Normandy to restore our freedom and salvage our precious land from destruction. As a small token of our appreciation, a portion of the net sale proceeds of all Grand Pommier Calvados products will be donated to the Disabled American Veterans Fund. To learn more about how you can help support disabled American veterans and their families, please visit

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